Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area AiR

This summer, I was chosen by the Bureau of Land Management as the 2019 Artist-in-Residence for the Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area (NCA).

The NCA contains the largest concentration of nesting raptors in North America, and one of the largest concentrations of nesting prairie falcons in the world. It also boasts the highest recorded density of ground squirrels, which is why so many raptors nest there.

For the residency, I wrote poetry about the sagebrush steppe ecosystem along the Snake River and the birds of prey that live there.

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Voices for the Earth: Earth Week Poetry Reading

Last month, I got to help plan and host an Earth Day Poetry Reading as part of theĀ BSU Department of Sustainability’s Earth Week 2019.

I was joined by Kat Davis, Lisa Hecht, and Pei-Lin Yu in planning and hosting the event.


The Instagatrix Team: Pei-Lin, Lisa, Hannah, and Kat.

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Boise Earth Day Poetry Reading at The Cabin

I got to curate and be part of an amazing poetry reading this past Saturday: an Earth Day 2018 poetry reading at The Cabin.

It featured nine local poets (Catherine Kyle, Rachel Murphy, Amanda Rich, Hannah Rodabaugh, Ruth Salter, Daphne Stanford, Elena Tomorowitz, and Tessy Ward) and Rena Ashton (educational director of Zoo Boise). They read poetry and essays about nature and conservation.

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