Why I Will Always Love Pests & You Should Too

There is a part of me that will always love pests like pigeons or houseflies or starlings. It’s the part of me that thinks the maligned often have their own value, their own stories to tell when we get to know them.

After all, I once was that person in school. I was teased, as so many kids were teased, as being without value to my peers.

So when I see a maligned animal species that people have assigned as being without value to them (often through very little thought or speculation), I see myself in it.

Besides, there is something respectable, even heroic, in the scrappy survivor.

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The Moon By Day Or Night (Photo Essay)

The moon is a good time no matter what time of day or night you see it.

It is my favorite spherical object. It is like the little black dress of the landscape.


Here is a moon that is part Yin-yang of the landscape.


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On the Pleasures of Walking Alone at Night

night walking first and best attempt

The walker always finds solitude but most especially at night. There is something about walking alone at night. I love it. I am in love with it. When you walk at night you are cocooned in silence. You can be alone, anonymous.

At night, people can’t see you, and you can’t see them.There are no people, and therefore no politeness to people. Politeness is a form of acknowledging you are not alone.

In the dark, we can easy in ourselves without the expectations of others.You can walk among the houses without walking among them.

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