Images for Lit Youngstown Reading | July 1st

1. Lost Object

1 A Lost Object Resized

2. The Forest Took You Over

4 C The Forest Took You Over resize

3. Lost Species | Northern Spotted Owl

5 D Lost Species Owl

Photo by NPS

4. How They Met Themselves

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5. Turkey Vulture


Photo by Oregon Zoo

6. Black-tailed Deer


Photo by NPS

7. This Spider, Vasco Da Gama


Photo by NPS

8. Lost Species | Grylloblattid

13 J Grylloblattid

Photo by NPS

9. Paradise Lost | Cave Formation

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10. On Historic Graffiti | Caves

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Boise Earth Day Poetry Reading at The Cabin

I got to curate and be part of an amazing poetry reading this past Saturday: an Earth Day 2018 poetry reading at The Cabin.

It featured nine local poets (Catherine Kyle, Rachel Murphy, Amanda Rich, Hannah Rodabaugh, Ruth Salter, Daphne Stanford, Elena Tomorowitz, and Tessy Ward) and Rena Ashton (educational director of Zoo Boise). They read poetry and essays about nature and conservation.

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