About Me


I am a poet & essayist. I have an MA from Miami University and an MFA from Naropa University.

I am the author of With Words: Verse in Concordance (dancing girl press) and We Don’t Bury Our Dead When Our Dead Are Animals (Another New Calligraphy). I have a third chapbook forthcoming from Angel House Press. I have poetry published in Flim Forum Press’ anthology A Sing Economy. I also have poetry at The Wire’s Dream Magazine, Anti-Narrative JournalBerkeley Poetry Review, Nerve Lantern, Used Furniture ReviewSmoking Glue GunHorse Less Press Review, Room Magazine, Rat’s Ass Review, Written River, K’in Literary Journal, and elsewhere. You can find a lovely interview about my writing process over at The Wire’s Dream Magazine.

I had ekphrasis poetry at the Boise Art Museum as part of Tall Tales: Narratives From The Permanent Collection. You can read about the process of creating poetry for the exhibit at Greenbelt Magazine.

I was an 2017 Artist In Residence for Craters of the Moon National Monument. You can hear excerpts from poetry I wrote in the park here.

I’ve received grants from the Idaho Commission on the Arts and the Alexa Rose Foundation. 

When not writing, I work as a teaching writer for The Cabin Idaho, and as a co-organizer for Ghosts & Projectors. Previously, I taught at Boise State University, Naropa University, and Community College of Denver, and I used to write book reviews for [PANK].

My poetry is often ecologically-focused, and I am currently working on a chapbook of poetry about ocean species and a full-length collection about the different ecoregions of the Pacific Northwest. 

Some of my personal interests include hiking & birding; native plants & animals; contemplative thinking & meditation; painting; song writing; infectious disease; farmer’s markets (especially Next Generation Organics); microhistories; volcanoes; enthusiastically-terrible interpretive dance; weird divination practices (like tyromancy, which I unsuccessfully attempted with a friend); natural features, animals, and plants that are the color blue; and gluten-free cooking & baking.

You can find me on Twitter, which I love but doesn’t love me back, or on Facebook, which I do not love but does.



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