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Hannah Rodabaugh is a poet & essayist. Her work is often hybrid, multidisciplinary, ecopoetic, lyric, or ekphrastic. She has an MA from Miami University and an MFA from Naropa University. 

She is the author of With Words: Verse in Concordance (dancing girl press)We Don’t Bury Our Dead When Our Dead Are Animals (Another New Calligraphy), and We Traced The Shape Of Our Loss To See Your Face (Angel House Press). She has poetry published in Flim Forum Press’ anthology A Sing Economy. She also has poetry at The Wire’s Dream Magazine, Anti-Narrative JournalBerkeley Poetry Review, Nerve Lantern, Used Furniture ReviewSmoking Glue GunHorse Less Press Review, Room Magazine, Rat’s Ass Review, Rabid Oak, Written River, K’in Literary Journal, Linden Avenue Literary Journal, The Cabin’s Writers in the Home Series and elsewhere. She was a 2018 Pushcart Prize nominee. You can find an interview about her writing process at The Wire’s Dream Magazine

She had ekphrasis poetry at the Boise Art Museum as part of the year-long exhibit Tall Tales: Narratives From The Permanent Collection. You can read about the process of creating poetry for the exhibit in an interview at Greenbelt Magazine.

She is a 2020 Artist-in-Residence for Surel’s Place. Previously, she was a 2019 Artist-in-Residence for both Oregon Caves National Monument and the Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area. She was a 2018 Artist-in-Residence for the Boise Public Library, and a 2017 Artist-in-Residence for Craters of the Moon National Monument. You can hear excerpts from poetry she wrote at Craters of the Moon here.

She’s received grants from the COVID Cultural Commissioning Fund, the Idaho Commission on the Arts, and the Alexa Rose Foundation.

She’s performed her poetry at nearly 70 readings across Idaho and the West.  She studied musicology as an undergraduate (& was briefly a piano performance student) and also writes and performs songs at readings. Recent readings include Death Rattle Writer’s Festival, MING Studios 7 O’Clock Series, Radio Boise, Surel’s Place, Voices of the Earth, the Lit Youngstown First Wednesday Series, and the Bloom Summer Reading Series. Upcoming readings include the CCC Fund Community Showcase at the Velma V. Morrison Center for Performing Arts.

When not writing, she works as a teaching writer for The Cabin Idaho, and as a co-organizer for Ghosts & Projectors. She is a co-organizer for Voices of the Earth, a yearly Earth Day reading hosted through Boise State University’s Department of Sustainability. She volunteers as a judge for the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and the Alexa Rose Foundation. Previously, she taught at Boise State University, Naropa University, Miami University, Community College of Denver, and Front Range Community College. She also wrote book reviews for [PANK].

Her poetry is often ecologically-focused, and she is currently completing a poetry collection on different ecosystems and ecoregions of the Pacific Northwest.

Her writing interests include native plants & animals; invasive species; native ecosystems (old-growth forest, sagebrush steppe); historic epidemics; historic animal extinctions; cave ecology & conservation; volcanoes; weird divination practices (like tyromancy, which she unsuccessfully attempted with a friend); and natural features, animals, & flowers that are blue.

You can find her on Twitter & Facebook.

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